Dealing With an Intruder in Your Home

There’s nothing scarier than waking up to noises of an intruder in your home. At that moment it’s very easy to get confused and send your brain into panic. Once you are in a state of panic, you might be tempted to scream and make the situation worse. Below are some tips you can try when a stranger invades your home.

Stay calm

It’s not one of the easiest things to do considering your situation, but staying calm is the best play at that moment. Staying calm under intense pressure can help you get through challenging and stressful situations like these because with clearer mind, you can think of the best way forward.

Notify your family quietly

Find a way to notify your family about the invasion. If you have an emergency secret code the better. And if you don’t, whisper or use hand gestures. Sometimes it’s risky to alert the kids as they might panic and scream. What you can do is to lock their rooms from outside to keep the intruder off. But it’s always advisable to have a safe space in the kids’ bedrooms.

Get to safety

If it’s impossible to get out of the house, get to your designated safe space as quietly as possible. And as mentioned above, it’s best to have a safe space in the children’s bedroom.  Even if you don’t have kids, it’s best to have more than one safe space. So in case one is inaccessible, you can go to the other one.

Call emergency services

Once you get to your safe place, contact emergency services immediately. Again, talk as quietly and clearly as possible to avoid detection. Remain in your safe space until help arrives. However, if help takes too long to arrive and the intruder in closing in on you, be armed with a blunt object and ready to attack.

If you can’t hide or come face to face with the intruder, try to remain calm and cooperative. Don’t confront the intruder, especially if you have zero self defense experience. Sometimes risking your precious life over possessions is not worth it.

And invest in home security systems they come in handy is situations like these.