Stay Safe with These Online Shopping Tips

Stay Safe with These Online Shopping Tips

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The digital era is taking over through online shopping over physical shopping. People can now purchase all kinds of goods and services with a click of a button. However, online shopping security is a primary concern for any online shopper as well as for businesses operating online finances.

Hand held devices including smartphones and tablets are the most used devices used in online. PayPal, a major online payment company, has been used by many internet shoppers to transact countless times. To this effect, it is important to protect yourself from many security concerns that arise with the use of such devices. Below are some of the security tips to consider while shopping online.

Check for “HTTPS.”

When browsing through web pages, some are less secure than others. HTTPS pages are secure than HTTP pages. When making any payments online, always check on your address bar whether it starts with a HTTPS. The S at the end is the difference in security levels of web pages. Also, web browsers will usually indicate a lock icon on the address bar for web pages, this is an indication of a secure socket layer (SSL) and therefore safe to use. On mobile devices, it is usually less visible due to the size of the screen. However, you can quickly zoom through the address bar to check for the site’s security.

Wi-Fi Security

Most internet users will use Wi-Fi to connect to the internet. This will sometimes be on unsecured Wi-Fi use and a chance to be exposed to threats. When you are on a public network, your device is susceptible to security threats such as hacking and loss of private data. Therefore, it is only recommended to use public Wi-Fi to window shop for potential purchases. When you get to your private network, you can safely browse and purchase saved items. Never use public Wi-Fi to input private information or any financial details as they can easily be retrieved.

Using a Familiar Website

Nowadays, many reputable online shopping sites can be safely used. One should use a more trusted and reputable site instead of one gotten from a simple web search. Such site is usually manipulated to mislead you. Using legitimate sites will protect you get safe deals.

Still, their phishing sites that try to imitate other sites to trick users for information. They’ll usually have a similar name to the real site but somewhat misspelled, it is crucial to check for correct names. Also, checking for the HTTPS connections will verify if you’re browsing the proper site.

Check Statements

After making secure purchases online, don’t wait for a monthly bill. Always ask for regular statements for your checking accounts, debit and credits cards. This to verify that there are no fraudulent charges incurred to your account or any unverified transactions.

By spotting any irregularities, one can easily contact your financial provider for verification, and the necessary steps can be taken. Usually, the financial institution will give you thirty days to report any issues with your account by which you are liable if the period expires.

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