July 2017

Security Bars On Windows – Are They Worth It?

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably seen someone with security bars on their windows. “Wow, those look ugly,” you probably wondered aloud. “Are they even worth it?”

Typically, a DIY kit for security bars cost $100-$200 for small windows and $300-$500 for bigger windows. So not only is it aesthetically unpleasant, it’s kind of pricey too.

While there are reasons for you to not buy and install security bars on your windows, there are also a few reasons why you should.

It’s easy to forget to lock the window

Locking doors are something we do almost everywhere we go. When we get out of the car, we lock the door. When we’re at the gym or in school, we lock our lockers. When we’re in a public restroom, we never forget to lock the stall. Locking doors is a habit, and it’s not the same with windows. Locking windows is not a habit compared to locking doors, and that makes it easy for us to forget to lock windows. So even the latest and most durable lock installed by a skilled locksmith, is useless if you forget to lock it. With security bars however you are forgiven as even unlocked windows are secure.

Window locks aren’t enough

If you try looking up lock picking tutorials on Youtube, you’ll find enough videos to turn you into an expert cat burglar. Anyone can pick a lock nowadays, so don’t expect that lock to keep unwanted visitors out.

Unlocked windows are basically “Welcome” signs for burglars

Generally, windows make less noise when you open them, so all burglars have to do to break in is pick your lock. If they’re extra lucky and the window was left unlocked, then they’ll just slide your window open and slip in. With security bars, though, it would be nearly impossible for anyone to break in.

Window bars immediately intimidate burglars

One look at the security bars, and would-be burglars will certainly skip your house. It would simply be too much trouble for them.

To Answer the Question – Yes, they’re worth it.

In case it’s still not obvious: yes, getting security bars on windows are absolutely worth it. Although you’re going to pay for a few extra bucks for it, the peace of mind you’ll get when you leave home or go to sleep is priceless.