Security Bars On Windows – Are They Worth It?

Security Bars On Windows – Are They Worth It?

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably seen someone with security bars on their windows. “Wow, those look ugly,” you probably wondered aloud. “Are they even worth it?”

Typically, a DIY kit for security bars cost $100-$200 for small windows and $300-$500 for bigger windows. So not only is it aesthetically unpleasant, it’s kind of pricey too.

While there are reasons for you to not buy and install security bars on your windows, there are also a few reasons why you should.

It’s easy to forget to lock the window

Locking doors are something we do almost everywhere we go. When we get out of the car, we lock the door. When we’re at the gym or in school, we lock our lockers. When we’re in a public restroom, we never forget to lock the stall. Locking doors is a habit, and it’s not the same with windows. Locking windows is not a habit compared to locking doors, and that makes it easy for us to forget to lock windows. So even the latest and most durable lock installed by a skilled locksmith, is useless if you forget to lock it. With security bars however you are forgiven as even unlocked windows are secure.

Window locks aren’t enough

If you try looking up lock picking tutorials on Youtube, you’ll find enough videos to turn you into an expert cat burglar. Anyone can pick a lock nowadays, so don’t expect that lock to keep unwanted visitors out.

Unlocked windows are basically “Welcome” signs for burglars

Generally, windows make less noise when you open them, so all burglars have to do to break in is pick your lock. If they’re extra lucky and the window was left unlocked, then they’ll just slide your window open and slip in. With security bars, though, it would be nearly impossible for anyone to break in.

Window bars immediately intimidate burglars

One look at the security bars, and would-be burglars will certainly skip your house. It would simply be too much trouble for them.

To Answer the Question – Yes, they’re worth it.

In case it’s still not obvious: yes, getting security bars on windows are absolutely worth it. Although you’re going to pay for a few extra bucks for it, the peace of mind you’ll get when you leave home or go to sleep is priceless.

Home security surveillance cameras

Life has been changing so often every day, and it has reached a point where safety is a major threat both to the national government and even to homeowners. A majority of the people or states which do not invest well in security ends up being a major target for the enemy.

Installation of surveillance cameras in your home helps in protecting your wealth as well as your life. These surveillance cameras can be installed indoors or outdoors depending on convenience. Indoor camera’s design makes them fit for use in an enclosed place, and outdoor cameras design makes them fit for use in open areas.

Comparison between Indoor and Outdoor Cameras,

  1.   Outdoor cameras are designed in a much harder way so that they can withstand harsh weather conditions like hail storms and hot sun heat.
  2.   A majority of the outdoor surveillance cameras are bullet shaped since they are aimed to focus on a particular place, for example, an entry point. On the other hand, most of the indoor cameras are dome shaped and have a rotation of more than 180 degrees since they are aimed to cover all corners of the particular room.
  3.    Outdoor CCTV cameras are both nights’, and daytime enabled so that they can provide security around the clock as opposed to indoor cameras which are mostly in use during the day only.
  4.    Their mounting decks are much stronger than for indoor cameras so that they can withstand any form of vandalism.
  5.    Majority of the outdoor cameras have led lighting capabilities to enhance the quality of the captured image or video.

Main Categories of Surveillance Cameras

Bullet shaped cameras.

The form of these cameras resembles a bullet, and they serve best when mounted on walls so that they can have a slanting angle of focus.

Dome shaped cameras.

These types of cameras resemble half a sphere, and they have the capability to rotate the lens so that it can point in various dimensions at a time.

Hidden surveillance cameras,

These are CCTV cameras which are meant to be placed in pieces of equipment which are already in the house and serve a different purpose from security enhancement. These cameras can be mounted on wall clocks, DVD decks, children playing toys, or even on bookshelves. They are designed to monitor the activities in a respective area without any of the monitored parties knowing that the camera is installed.

Fake surveillance cameras,

These are fake cameras which do not record or take photos of anything in the surrounding. They are meant to deter the peoples who might have a wicked motive of doing something from executing their plan thinking that they are being watched, but in the real sense, no one is watching over them.

Wired and wireless surveillance cameras.

Wired cameras use Ethernet cables to transmit captured images and videos as well as to power their operation. Wireless cameras mostly rely on satellites and WIFI capabilities to transfer captured pictures and videos

A majority of the wireless cameras use applications which you can install on your computer or Smartphone and control them from remote locations.


While making a purchase decision consider the place you want to install the camera and for what reason you intend to install it. Basing your decision on these two factors will enable you to make a wise decision. The cost of the surveillance camera varies mostly depending on the above two variables.